All our courses are aimed at improving your communication skills step by step, going from the basics to more advanced structures. The idea is using Spanish as much as possible rather than just studying it.

  • Private (one-on-one lessons)                       
  • Semi-private (two or three students)          
  • Small groups (four to ten students)

As soon as you contact us we will ask you what your goals are as a student, the time you would like to spend studying, and what motivates you to learn Spanish. We will then commence an evaluation process. This assessment, or placement test, of your oral, aural, and reading/writing skill levels is crucial to understanding your current language proficiency, and continues to be effected in an ongoing basis throughout the course of your studies. The length of each lesson can vary, but in general a lesson lasts 90 or 120 minutes. (You can choose to take intensive or extensive courses and this will depend on your availability.) Tuition costs do not include the required course books, however, we will provide you with photocopies, pictures, and other materials that may be needed to reinforce your learning.


We provide a program that focuses on required communication in a business environment. Situations such as letter composition, telephone conversation, and conference and business trip planning and attendance are covered. The program intends to help you communicate comfortably with your clients and colleagues. We personalise each programme according to your objectives, in one-on-one lessons or in groups.

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