"I have been taking private classes with Nelson for approximately 18 months. Before that I had tried group classes at a local university, and had also spent some time with an amateur Spanish tutor. I would *highly* recommend private classes with Nelson: in our time together my Spanish has improved to the point where I am able to travel alone through Latin America, and am able to read and understand common Spanish publications. Nelson has done an excellent job tailoring the program specifically to my learning needs and style, and has graciously accepted my chaotic schedule. As Nelson possesses a strong command of both Spanish and English, the level of comprehension can be as complex and advanced as desired." - Dr. Scott Bunnell, McGill University

"I have had the pleasure of studying privately with Nelson Orbegoso for 2 years now.  Perhaps the best testimonial to his expertise as a teacher is the rapidity of my progress from beginner to advanced.   I have been to two schools in Latin America during these two years and both have commented on my surprising level of Spanish after such a short time, and both have congratulated my teacher on his excellence!

Nelson has a profound knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language and it is not surprising that he is also a writer.  In addition to his knowledge of Spanish grammar, syntax, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, he is able to explain in simple and practical terms what the student needs to learn, given the student’s level at that time.  Nelson pays close attention to the student’s strengths and weaknesses and tailors the lessons to address the weaknesses.  He is a pedagogue, with formal training, and he has been honing his teaching skills for years because he takes his profession seriously.

Perhaps most importantly, lessons with Nelson are fun.  He has a good sense of humour and you can learn a lot of Spanish using stories and jokes.  He insures the student grasps the fundamentals of oral expression and comprehension, as well as reading and writing.  Our weekly lessons are a highlight for me and learning Spanish with Nelson has been nothing but a pleasure." - Dr. Ron Onerheim, St Mary’s Hospital

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